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What You'll Need When You Sell Your Car

Save Time and Figure Out What You Need When Selling Your Car

One of the many questions that come to mind when it comes to selling your car in Ohio is what do you need when you sell your car? Getting the car up on a website or in an add is only part of the process when it comes to selling your car. Once you have a possible buyer, you will need to gather all of the necessary paperwork to make the sale official and complete. When it comes to figuring out the best way to sell a car, there are many different options, but why not make it easy and use We are happy to help you sell your old car, and we can even show you the trade in Value of your vehicle. When it comes to selling a vehicle to a dealer or in a private sale, make it easy and let us handle the paperwork.

Trade in Vehicles for Cash

When it comes to selling a car to a dealership we work with multiple competing bidders to ensure that you are getting top dollar. We make it easy to sell your car and will come to you when it comes time to sign papers, and you will receive payment within 24 hours. Our offers stand for up to 10 days giving you plenty of time to think about the deal. When it comes to figuring out how to trade in a vehicle our trade in form is easy to use and fill out. Some of the information you will need when filling out our vehicle trade in value form include:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Interior and exterior conditions

Once you have filled out the required fields in our trade application, we will send it to our many car dealerships in Columbus and surrounding Ohio areas to get you the best deal possible. When it comes to selling your car online, we make it easy.

Sell Your Old Car

When it comes to knowing what you will need to sell a car there a few steps to the process, whether you are selling to a dealership or in a private sale. First off you will want to make sure your car is ready to be sold. Potential buyers are more likely to stop and look at your vehicle if it is clean. Before you take photos of your vehicle be sure to give both the interior and exterior. Some of the detailing features people tend to overlook are included old and dirty floor mats and clean rims and tires. Selling a car that looks well taken care of is sure to get more interest than the opposite of that. Once you have a clean car, you will want to take bright and well light photos of your car for sale.

Selling Your Car Checklist

Whether you are selling you to a dealer or in a private sale, you will want to/ need to gather together some paperwork to make the sale finale. When you are selling your car in Ohio in a private sale or selling to the dealership, there is certain paperwork that will need to be acquired before you can make the sale final.

The title. You'll need to sign the title and hand it over to the new owner. If you are selling to a dealer many times, the dealership will take care of this.

Maintenance records. Keeping up with scheduled maintenance can increase the trade-in value and reliability of your vehicle. While this is not required many dealerships or buyers are more likely to give a better price for your well-maintained car.

Bill of sale. A bill of sale is used to document the terms and conditions in the event of a dispute and can release you from certain liabilities.

A release of Liability. This form will keep you from being liable for any damages incurred after the vehicle is sold. In the case of an accident or repair needed before the title has been transferred this will keep you from any unnecessary disputes.

Warranty documents. If the car is still under the manufacturer's warranty or an extended warranty, you'll want to have these documents ready to provide to the new owner.

As-is documentation. If there are no warranties, this makes it clear that the potential new owner will assume all responsibility for repairs and damages once the vehicle is sold.

An Odometer Disclosure Statement fully completed and signed by you as well as the buyer. This certifies that the both of you have agreed on the vehicle's mileage before finalizing the sale.

Sell Your Car Online Free

Selling your car in Columbus Ohio can be a hassle and a drawn-out process. Why not get cash for your car sooner and trade-in your car with We will take care of everything from taking the photos to finding places that buy used cars, leaving you to enjoy your life without the worry and stress of trying to sell your car in Ohio. The dealers will handle all the paperwork, and all you'll have to do is sign your name. When you are wondering how to sell your used car, or how to sell your car to a dealer let us take care of it for you here at